Guns Up pistol training is taught from the holster and magazine pouches while standing.  In the case of revolvers, it would be from the holster, speed loader pouches and cartridge loops while standing. There are some example photos illustrated on this page.


Guns Up recommends products made from Kydex materials. Kydex is like plastic or polymer. The holsters are specifically molded to fit a specific pistol (semi-autos and revolvers). The magazine pouches are also specific to the pistol model because not all magazines are the same size. The holsters and magazine pouches are available online (eBay and Amazon) and are reasonably priced.


In addition, the following items are also needed for training:


Pistol Specific:


• At least 4 magazines are recommended for semi auto pistols

• At least 3 speed loaders for six shot revolvers, 4 speed loaders for five shot revolvers


Rifle Specific:


• 3 to 4 magazines

• Rifle Sling (optional)

Shotgun Specific:

• Shotgun shell carrier or bandoleer (optional)

• Shotgun Sling (optional)

General (all shooters)

• Trousers or shorts with belt loops

• Closed top or crew neck type shirt for the ladies 

• Closed toe shoes/sneakers (no flip flops)

• Outer garment for CCW training (loose fitting shirt or jacket)

• A ball cap with a bill

• Belt (1&1/2 or 1&3/4 inch)

• Noise cancelling hearing protection 

• Safety glasses

• Sun block

• Water, beverages, and snacks

• Small cleaning kit with gun oil





• Full metal jacket or ball type target ammunition (boxed)

• No reloaded ammunition is permitted 

• 2 boxes (50 rounds per box) 

Rifle (specific to your caliber)

• 5 boxes (20 rounds each)

• No reloaded ammunition is permitted


Shotgun (specific to your gauge)

• 1 box (25 rounds) of #6, #7, or #8 bird shot

• 1 box (5 rounds) of shotgun slugs

• 1 box (5 rounds per) of double 00 buckshot

Firearms Rental – $50 Per Weapon




Pistol – $50 (Box of 50)

Rifle – $50 (50 Rounds)

Shotgun – $25 (25 Shells)