Instructor: Ralph Roldan – Guns Up


Ralph has been involved in shooting and shooting sports since 1983. He was in the Marine Infantry for 4 years and was first exposed to the 1911 single action semi-automatic, the M-16 rifle, and the M-60 open bolt machine gun. Afterwards, he had a successful 30-year law enforcement career. During that time Ralph participated in practical pistol shooting and three gun (rifle, shotgun, pistol) shooting competitions. He received formal firearms instructor training during his career and other training that he participated in on his own. Ralph teaches pistol (revolver and semi-automatic), shotgun (pump action and semi-automatic, and rifle (bolt action and semi-automatic). He has been teaching firearms safety and shooting skills to civilians since 2018. Ralph is an NRA certified pistol instructor.






Instructor: Tim James – James Family Firearms – Guns Up


Tim has been involved in shooting and shooting sports for over 40 years. He is a trap and skeet shotgun enthusiast.   Tim has been involved in Single Action Revolver shooting since he was 9 years old. He is also highly proficient in semi-automatic pistol shooting with an added expertise in optic sights. Tim teaches, revolver, semi-automatic pistol (iron sights and, or optic), shotgun, and rifle with an emphasis on the AR platform (iron sights and, or optic). Tim holds a firearms instructor certification with the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA).  Tim has been instructing civilians in the firearms safety, firearms handling skills, and in the proficient use of firearms for since 2019.  Tim brings a special kind of patience, professionalism, experience, and skill set to the firing range. Tim is currently available on the weekends.

Ralph Roldan
Tim James