You and you alone are responsible to protect you and your family. The police defend the community. Not every gun owner wants to obtain a CCW permit. Not every gun owner can be issued a CCW permit. The Level 1 and level 2 Pistol Courses will provide you with the skills to defend your home.




Guns Up currently prepares its clients for their CCW certification through our Level 1 and Level 2 Pistol Training Courses. This training also includes a mock CCW qualification course. Together the two courses will provide a level of skill needed to safely and skillfully participate in a CCW group certification class. It is our goal at Guns Up to provide our clients with the gun fighting skills needed to face a threat and win! Guns Up training goes beyond the minimum requirements of the CCW course. Unfortunately, CCW permit holders are led to believe that firing 18 rounds from the 7, 10, & 15-yard lines (untimed) is enough to win a gun fight. Guns Up training is meant to get you to move, clear your garment, draw your pistol, determine if you have a clear background, and fire two rounds at a threat. Guns Up will teach you the skills that with continued regular practice may save your life.