It should always be your goal to protect family while in your home.  You want to be able to do this without losing your home!  Guns Up will provide you with both the firearms training and a familiarization of the law.  Every gun owner looking to protect his or her home must possess the skills and the knowledge that will protect him/her from going to prison, and or the target of a civil lawsuit. Most importantly, to protect their family from harm.  Moreover, Guns Up will teach clients about the proper storage of weapons in the home and in vehicles. We will also cover the use of flashlights, and talk about other non-deadly force options.


Keep in mind that you should always carry CCW insurance if you own a firearm for home defense, even if you do not have a CCW permit.  There is home defense related firearms insurance but the cost of insurance is less if you have a CCW permit. The CCW permit need not be issued by the state of California.


 If you have not been approved for a CCW in the state of California then consider obtaining a non-resident CCW permit from a state that will issue one to you. You may be thinking “why should I get a CCW from another state if it does not permit me to carry a concealed weapon in California?” It is true that CCW permits from other states to not convey an authority to carry concealed weapons in California, however, the non-resident CCW permit will allow you to purchase CCW insurance from a company like “CCW Safe” at a rate that saves you money. The other consideration is that these states that offer CCW permits to non-residents also have reciprocity with 30 to 40 states depending on how many permits you acquire.


Let us not forget that we all travel to other states and some of those states are covered by non-resident CCW permits.  Always check the CCW permit laws for each state that you intend to visit!


Guns Up is an affiliate of CCW Safe because it is a great product, however, we encourage our clients to be good consumers and compare other companies, but most of all carry insurance.  

Non-resident CCW permit states:

Utah CCW

Arizona CCW


Virginia CCW