Guns Up provides individual, couples, and small group instruction. Our Level 1 Training is designed specifically for new shooters. Even if you have never fired a pistol before Guns Up will help you overcome your fear and become safe, responsible, confident, and skilled with the pistol that you own whether it be a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver.  If you do not own your own pistol, then rent one of ours. This will allow you to test out our pistols and help to make a more informed purchase when you visit the gun store. 


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Level 1 Pistol Training Course (4 hours)  

$325 (individual rate with range fee)

$450 (couples rate with range fee) 

· Safety and range protocols

· Pistol nomenclature and hand-gun manipulation skills

· Chamber check, magazine check, and ammunition topping off skills

· Loading and unloading the semi-automatic pistol or revolver

· Stance, movement, grip, draw, and after-action drills 

· Holster training- safely drawing from and returning the pistol to the holster

· Trigger press, trigger reset, and dry fire drills

· Traditional marksmanship and point shooting live fire exercises 

· Tactical and emergency magazine reloading procedures for the semi-automatic pistol 

· Reloading revolvers with speed loaders or bullets from a cartridge carrier

· Traditional marksmanship and point shooting live fire exercises

· Point shooting live fire exercises

· Traditional marksmanship and point shooting live fire exercises

Level 2 Pistol Training (2 hour minimum)

$175 (individual rate with range fee)  

$250 (couples’ rate with range fee)  

· Clearing type I, II, & III malfunctions

· Shooting from a concealed carry position while wearing a garment (shirt or jacket)

· Various live fire scenarios including strong hand shooting, support hand shooting

· Pistol qualification (CCW format)