Guns Up provides private and small group instruction. We specialize in new “out of the box” shooters. Even if you have never fired a pistol before Guns Up will help you overcome your fear and become a safe, responsible, confident, and skilled shooter.

Guns-Up provides pistol training for both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers that cover the following areas:

· Handgun safety

· Pistol handling skills

· Loading and unloading the semi-automatic pistol (magazines) 

· Loading and unloading the revolver (speed loaders/loops)

· Safely drawing and shooting the pistol from the holster

· Returning the pistol to the holster

· Movement, after action drills, and the SUL position

· Marksmanship, & distance shooting

· Close quarters (point) shooting

· Chamber/press checks process

· Clearing stoppages/malfunctions (Type I, II, & III) 

· Shooting from a concealed carry position

· Various live fire scenarios

· Pistol qualification (CCW format) 

Pistol Availability:

If you do not own your own pistol, Guns-Up can provide you with a semi-automatic pistol or revolver for training at a cost of $50 per session. Guns Up also provides the gear to include holster, magazine pouches, speed loader pouches, looped cartridge carriers, magazines, and speed loaders. The client only needs to provide target grade ammunition.  This is a great option if you are still undecided about buying a pistol or the type of pistol you intend to purchase.